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Orthogonal vertical multi-tasking Lathe
High Performance CNC Turn Mill Machine Turn Milling Vertical Lathe  Mill-Turn center MT-540 has orthogonal structure and rotating mill head, offering C, Y and B axes mill-turn capability. The orthogonal structure design provides wide range of travel and high dynamic stiffness. Turing combined with mill head can cut simultaneously from different directions, reduce cycle time and improve parts accuracy.
TIDA precision machinery lathe machine
It is essential to apply the intelligence and automation to machining tools, lathe tools during “Industrie 4.0” or IoT era. YIDA will focus on agile manufacturing for the next 10 years, seeking right method out to response customer request rapidly. If you have any questions , please contact us! 【Specifications】 *Specifications are subject to change without further notice 【Standard Accessories】 FANUC 0i-TF Controller • Auto. Lubrication System • Spindle Motor • Work Lamp • Hydraulic Chuck • Foot Pedal for Chuck • O.D. / I.D. Turning Tools • End of Program Light • Boring Bar Holders • Tool Kit • Boring Bar Bushings • Gear Box (BML-510) • Taper Sleeves • Programmable Tailstock • Hydraulic Turret (BML-280, BML-420, BML-510) (BML-280, BML-280Y, BML-420, BML-510) • Manual Body Hydraulic Tailstock (BML-420, BML-510) • Manual Steady Rest (BML-510) • Tailstock Quill • One Set of Soft、Hard Jaws • Coolant System • Operation & Maintenance Manual • Coolant Tank • Programming Manual • Leveling Bolts and Pads • Parts List 【Options Accessories】 FANUC 18i-MB • Automatic Door • Siemens Controller • Oil Mist Collector • Mitsubishi Controller • Manual Tool Setter • Collet Chuck and Hydraulic Cylinder (N/A BML-510) • Automatic Tool Setter • Chip Conveyor + Chip Bucket • Transformer • Bar Feeder • ZF Gearbox • Bar feeder Interface • CE • V.D.I. Turret (10 or 12 Tools) • Sling Frame • Live Tooling (C-axis)(BML-280,BML-420,BML-510) • Stabilizer • Parts Catcher • Cooler for Coolant Tank(BML-510) • Oil and Coolant Separator  
Horizontal Machining Centers
Lightweight High Speed Horizontal Machining Centers CNC Milling Machine YIDA was established in April 2004 with the brand name YDPM. YIDA regards Humanity, Innovation, and Technology as the most important keys to success in future global competition. Horizontal machining center MH-500PLUS focus on the market of high speed, high accuracy, and modulization, and suitable for aircraft and automotive parts, 3C electronics, and molding. Features: 1.BOX in BOX High Rigidity Structure 2.Twin X-axis ballscrew 3.Lightweight high-speed design 4.High Rapid Feed Rate 5.High Rigidity and High Speed Linear Guide way 6.Absolute Servo System 7.Swing arm type APC 8.Optimized Chip Flush Design 9.High Performance B axis Table 10.Module Tool Magazine System 11.High Precision Spindle System 12.Thermal Deformation Prevention

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YIDA was established in April 2004 by Dr. Pu Hong-Yen. Based on the business operation spirits of humanity, innovation and technology, as well as three main appeals of “customers first”, YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the three principles of “teamwork, sustained product development, and relentless quest for high quality”.

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